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A Declaration of War ~ General Peter D. Laue

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A Cup of Coffee

A Declaration of War

A Dozen Roses

A Letter to Winnie

A Portal Between Heaven and Earth

A Puff of Smoke

A Smokers Prayer

A Solemn Prayer for Pagosa Springs

A Strong Dose of Humility
(by Julie Bacon)

A Very Tall Order -
Piercing the Darkness

About Anger & Much More

About Jumping Ship

About That Mountain

About Those Buttons

About Us

All about ME or me?

All Poured Out!

Allan, My Most Excellent Friend

Altar for Memories
The Story of The Upper Room"

Am I another Goliath or another David?


An Ocean of Tears


Angels of the Street

Anger - Caution

Appointed to Roar

Appointed and Anointed to Roar

Around the World

As Weak as a Little Kitten

Audio Epistles

Awakened to Love
(by Lady Mary Viola)

Awards, Trophies, and Certificates

Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Birth Announcement

Bleached Demon Bones
Schizophrenia Unmasked

Bubbles and Bears

Bye-Bye Prejudice!

Campaigning for Pagosa Land and Beyond

Cedar Log, The

Charles G. Finney


Clothespins & Familiar Spirits

Cloud of Guilt Gone!

Come Away My Beloved (Web Page)

Confession Is Good for the Soul

Connected to My Roots Again

Cookie and Carrot Communion

Counselor, The

Crafts for Christ

Crafts for Christ (webpage)

D-Day in Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Dark Night of My Soul, The

Dear Everyone

My Dear Patti

Doctor Martn Israel & Pistachio Nuts

Don't Do It Again!

Don't Fence Me In


Dudley's Date Bars

Especially for Fathers

Especially for Fathers

Everyone Needs a Sandbox

Exodus 2

Fashioned to Reign

Fire Hydrant, The (by Michael)

Footprints in Wood

Forgotten Language of Letters, The

For Wounded Warriors

Fresh Bread

Frisbees for Jesus

From the Heart of the Father

Fullness of Time, The

God Was Not Smiling

God's Amazing Roar

God's Handmaiden

God's Mighty Men of Valor

Hansel and Gretel

Happy Birthday

Healing Tree, The

Hello and Goodbye from
Peter & Rebekah

Highest Addiction, The

Holy Moments

Houses of Cards

I Am Meth by Carolyn Evans

I Had a Dream

I Lost My Cross


Illumination of Conscience, The

I'm Free

In Memory of Ginnye

In Memory of Stacy

Introduction to 'In Search of Sanity'

Isiah 49

It Can Happen Today

Jaws of Life

Jerusalem Lament

Jesse's Cup

Joshua's Odyssey (Introduction by Peter)

Journal Project, The

July 4th--Independence Day

Killboro or Today Is My Day"

Let Us Go AWOL Today

Life Is More

Lion and the Lamb, The

Lion of Judah Roars, The

Lion of the Tribe of Judah Saga. The

Listen to Me

Little Faith

Love Remembers

Loved Forever Lost Forever

Magnetic Treasures

Mary of Bethany's Song

Me and My Shadow

Michaels Song
(Lyrics by Bryan Martin)

Miska--The Good Samaritan

Molting Eagles

Mother, I Love You


My Dream Come True

My Gift

My God is Big Enough

My Happy Tree

My Legacy

My New Secret Weapon

My Pagosa Assignment

My Pagosa Assignment Intro

My Secret Garden

My Time in the Upper Room

Nice Doesn't Always Cut It

On the Road to Damascus

One Soul

Our Background

Our Hearts Bleed

PAC-Man Addiction, The

Paint Brush, The

Passing the Baton

Patrolling the Highway Through Hell

Patrolling the Highway Through Hell-Video

Paul Tourneir, MD (1891-1986)

Paul Tournier - A Place for You

Pentecostal Healing Portals


Peter Had Another Dream

Peter, I Need to Talk to You

Peter, You Nailed It!

Peter's Conversation with Jesus

Peter's Next Assignment

Peter's Resume

Pharmacy, The

Pick Up Your Sword, Peter, and Write

Portrait of a Heart

Precious Jewels Summary



Rebekah's Garden

Rebekah's Miracle

Rebekah's New Wallet

Repairers of the Breach

Round TUIT

Saga of the Pinecone, The

Saints Arise

Salt Communion

Salting Pagosa Springs

Satan Zero--Jesus Won!

My Journey Through Hell

Shepherd Girl, The

Six Hours in ER

Spiritual Tsunami Hits Pagosa Springs

St. Francis of Assisi

Stone Carpet, The

Stone Table at Magaan, The (web page)

Stones of Rememberance, The

Strongholds Are Coming Down

Story of Telemachus, The

Ten Video Clips

That Chair

That Lazy River

The Archuleta Chapel

The Ego Disease

The Imitation of Christ

The Mortgage (or "Out on a Limb")

The Sharpshooter

The Sword of the Lord-
Strongholds Are Coming Down

The Tale of Two Flat Tires

The Treasure Hunter

The World A Giant Amusement Park?

Thirty Years Later

Through the Valley of Darkness
(by Tania)

To Love A Stranger

To Whom It May Concern

Tow Trucks and Night Crawlers

Tribute to Mutti (A Soul Awakens)

Tugboats and Crowbars

Tuning Fork, The

Turning Point, The

Two Bears in the Rocking Chair

Two Withered Roses

Walking Hand in Hand

Walls Are Coming Down

We Need More Generals!

We Need More than Life Preservers

Welcome Home

Whats New? Whats Next?

Who Am I?

Who Will March With Me?

Why for Peter?

Why Lord?

Wimp or Warrior?

Words from Peter's Journal

Yellow Bucket, The

Yes Lord! Chapter One

Yes, You Are Family

You Don't Have to Be Strong

Books and Pamphlets
(and other things with multiple 'chapters/pages')

Come Away My Beloved
Chapter 1 - Lovest Thou Me?

Joshua's Odyssey
The Odyssey Begins
Arizona & New Mexico
Home Again
In Search of God Again
Headed West
Through Texas
Back in Arizona
Sycamore Canyon
Home Again and Married

Letters from a Soldier
February, 1953
March, 1953
April, 1953
May, 1953
June, 1953
July, 1953
August, 1953
September, 1953
October, 1953
November, 1953
December, 1953
January, 1954
February, 1954
March, 1954
April, 1954
May, 1954
June, 1954
July, 1954
August, 1954
September, 1954
October, 1954
November, 1954
December, 1954

Listener, The by Taylor Caldwell
Chapter 1
(in .doc format to open or save)

Purple Pamphlet, The
1 - My Confession
2 - Peter's Epistles
3 - Section 3
4 - I Had A Dream
5 - Yes, Lord
6 - Thirty Years Later

Seeking Heart, The
Part 1 - The Way of the Cross

Stone Table at Maagan, The
1 - The Mount of Olives
2 - Unloading My "See" Going Cargo Ship
3 - Eternal and Defining Moments
4 - My Shepard Girl
5 - Prophetic Words and Acts
6 - Encouragement, Encouragement, Encouragement
7 - My Cargo Ship Heads Out to See
8 - Compelled to Weep and War Over Jerusalem
9 - Paul Helps Peter
10 - For Soldier Saints Only
11 - Peter Goes to the Upper Room
12 - Peter and Johns Stomping Ground in Jerusalem
13 - Peter Is Healed in Afula
14 - Snail Mail Love Letters
15 - We Have Finally Arrived at the Sea of Galilee
16 - Little Faith, a Broken Chair, and Tradition
17 - The Prophetic Savant
18 - Heavenly Dialogue at The Stone Table
19 - You Dont Have to Be Strong All The Time!
20 - More About Communion
End Notes

To Hell and Back
Chapter I   -   The Wood Blossom Encounter
Chapter II   -   The Longest Night
Chapter III   -   Edgemont Hospital
Chapter IV   -   Web of Delusion
Chapter V   -   Learning to Walk Again
Chapter VI   -   Where Do I belong Now?
Chapter VII   -   Divorce
Chapter VIII   -   Hope and Healing
Chapter IX   -   New Purpose
Chapter X   -   Fulfillment
Chapter XI   -   We Move to the Mountains
Chapter XII   -   New Doors Open
Chapter XIII   -   High Adventure
Chapter XIV   -   Songs and Reflections
Chapter XV   -   Thoughts and Reflections
Chapter XVI   -   Letters between Friends
Chapter XVII   -   Misfits and Outcasts
Chapter XVIII   -   A Letter to the Churches
Chapter XIX   -   An Unexpected Turn

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Books, etc
Crafts for Christ Handbook (PDF)
John G Lake ~ 15 Sermons (PDF)
Journal Project, The (PDF)
Joshua's Odyssey (RTF) *
Letters from a Soldier (PDF)
Precious Jewels (DOC)
Stone Table at Magaan, The (PDF)
To Hell and Back (PDF)
Wounded Warriors by R. Loren Sandford (PDF)
Audio Downloads
Especially for Fathers (WMA)
Especially for Fathers - Introduction (WMA)

* More Options for Joshua's Odyssey


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