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Life Letters

September 11, 2018

Cruise Ships

It’s time to scratch cruises from our bucket list.

My spirit is highly agitated. The other day we saw a documentary about the largest cruise ship that was ever built. Put the words, "Harmony of the Seas" in your computer search engine, watch the video clip and you will never look at cruise ships the same way. This cruise ship boasts a hedonistic pleasure palace second to none. It’s the home depot for lust and leisure. And an even larger sister cruise ship, called "Symphony of the Seas", was launched in 2018. It will be birthed at the Port of Miami in Florida and begin offering Caribbean cruises in November. I am renaming the sister ship: "Symphony of Hell."

My soul is greatly troubled, especially since someone close to my heart has a princely job at a large cruise ship conglomerate. I have carefully hinted to him that he is investing his God-given gifts and life in a business that attempts to fill the boredom in human hearts by catering to man’s pleasure-prone and self-pleasing nature. I guess it was not God's time for him to see this and JUMP SHIP.

Explanation for Jumping or Abandoning Ship

God, my God has a variety of options to bring a pleasure and profit focused world to it’s knees. He has done it before. He always warns us before He does. There are many ghost towns because the gold ran out. There will also be many ghost ships when the gold in people’s pockets and purses run out. Many innocent lives and many jobs will go belly up when that happens. The gold is already starting to run out for some cruise businesses. Read this report: Cruise ship company goes belly up. Our economy and priorities will be revamped from the bottom up. Money won at casinos or stock markets is fool’s gold.

We all remember what happened to the Titanic. The builders boasted that it was the "unsinkable ship." The name of the ship reeks of man's pride. That kind of pride is like putting a fist into God's face. My grandfather tried to book a cabin on it’s maiden voyage; but he was too late. There are more icebergs, rogue waves and hurricanes that can snuff out big or little ships. The word “big” or “biggest, “high” or “highest”, “fast” or “fastest” does not impress God; it only flatters man’s ego. In fact, It’s a stench in God’s nostrils.

We all know what happened to the two Trade Center Towers in New York City on September 11, 2001. It is God who brought down the Tower of Babel; and it is God who allowed Osama bin Ladin to bring down the Trade Center Buildings in New York City. He will always find something or someone who is willing, even eager, to be his wrecking ball to wake us up. Yes, many are soundly asleep and don’t know it. God has to shake them up to wake them up. We must never forget that it was God himself who asked His Son Jesus to turn over the money changers’ tables to get our attention. If you want to know how God got mine, read: On the Road to Damascus.

At God's appointed time He used Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus, the Son of God. It is written that this would happen. And yet, I am rejoicing because I know that my God has everything under control and controls everything. What a comfort that is to my heart. I have the assurance that He is prompting me to write these words. I dare not disobey my God. (1 Samuel 15:22). I have been called to be a Watchman on the Wall (Ezekiel 33:1-6).

Many pleasure seeking societies or individuals are on a slippery slope to hell. Are we that society? Am I that individual? At God's appointed time our souls will be illuminated; and then we will learn where we stand. Cruises on lavish floating hotels will be scratched from our bucket lists; that’s for sure. When we can no longer afford luxury cruises or become fearful of boarding a ship, money grabbing investors will lose their shirts. Suddenly or slowly those majestic cruise ships will become penthouses for fish or shelters for the homeless.

Peter-The Lords Salt Shaker If you feel prompted to put these words on your social media page or just pass them along, you will be shooting them across the bow of many ships and other entertainment empires that cater to man's pleasure-prone nature. God warned us that He will shake our bent for worldly gratifications at their very core. He has done it in the past and will do it again, but not before warning us. We continue to ignore what can be learned from history and “The Word.” Mark my word, cruise ships may become the most expensive and luxurious coffins.

I am braced for an angry response from the world and a grateful “AMEN” from those who have already jumped ship. So be it. If your spirit cries "AMEN" to what you have just read, pass it on to those who have a fearless, crusading heart and love to please Jesus more than themselves. If you want to elaborate on what you have read in a constructive way, know that Peter welcomes and appreciates all personal letters. This writer jumped ship 48 years ago.

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