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Early Writings

January 5th, 2008

In 1983 I, Peter D. Laue, stood at a prescription counter similar to the one pictured here. My mother had many a prescription filled at similar counters before eventually flushing her unused prescriptions down the toilet when in her eighties. I cannot recall the names of the various prescriptions but they were predominately “pain killers.” Percadon was one of them, maybe her favorite. It caused her digestive system to become sluggish, but it was a price she was willing to pay. The medication might have rattled her thoughts and emotions, but that is speculation on my part. I do know, though, from various personal sources including the Internet, that Percadon and similar pain and sleeping medications have caused some people to commit or consider committing suicide.

While standing at Long’s Drug Store in Rancho Bernado, California with my mother in 1983, I stretched out my hand towards the many different prescription and over-the-counter drugs and prayed along these lines, “Lord Jesus, I bring to You the many hurting people who will walk into this place and purchase these drugs. Please help them.” I never forgot that moment or that prayer. It took many years before I could write intelligently and compassionately about the use and often the abuse of drugs.

Yesterday, 25 years later, I stood with my wife Rebekah at the check-out counter across from another pharmacy. It is a part of City Market in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. I was compelled to stretch out my hand once more towards the shelves filled with both prescription and over-the-counter drugs and pray for the customers who will purchase these items.

This morning I remembered an epistle I wrote last year that has already been widely circulated; but which I have re-titled, “THE PURPLE PAMPHLET VS THE PURPLE PILL.” The drug NEXIUM is better known as “the purple pill” because it is highly advertised as such. It is prescribed for acid reflux. When I adopted the title for my epistle, I did not intend to zero in on one particular prescription or over-the-counter medication. I chose the title because it has a catchy ring to it and several friends use “the purple pill.”

I have a big heart for anyone who has to make frequent trips to the pharmacy. Many spend more money on drugs than on groceries and that bothers me. The fear of running out of money and consequently out of the ability to purchase the necessary drugs can cause great fear. It’s a vicious cycle. Fear and anguish (a mixture of anger and fear) can be and often is at the bottom of physical and emotional ailments. These emotions can cause high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, sleepless nights, etc. and etc. They can compel us to do things and buy things that are not really good for us.

I offer my epistles to anyone who is tired of being sick and tired. It is Peter’s journey through the valley of the shadow of death. I am no longer in that valley. I chose not to use anti-psychotic drugs and mood stabilizers after being discharge from a mental hospital in 1970. I chose to apply the powerful name of Jesus to my tormented, confused, and delusional inner world. My decision baffled doctors, family and friends. In turn I was pronounced a chronic and incurable “basket case.” My new life and healing began when I met Rebekah, my handmaiden since 1973. She never saw or treated me as that “proverbial basket case.” You, the reader of these words, please let me know if you agree with my doctor or my handmaiden.

I am not a doctor; but I had a dream on the 14th of August of 1999 in which I assumed the role of a doctor. I do believe there are many healers who never went to medical school but have met Jesus Christ and represent Him as the “Great Physician” to a hurting world. Jesus wants to and often uses our personal testimonies to heal others and or instill hope where hope resembles a flickering flame. I offer you mine.

That day will surely come says the Lord of Hosts that the greedy will no longer be able to exploit the sick and needy to give temporary and questionable relief for bodies that were not designed to live forever. Longevity and a fruitful life are not necessarily synonymous. A body filled with disease and pain can be a burden for the occupant and its caretakers. Jesus Christ, my Lord and Healer finished his work at age 33. I don’t think Jesus cared to live after being mercilessly whipped by his enemies – us!

Healing is intended for all, not only for those who can pay for it. Sooner or later, desperation will bring all of us – sick and healthy, rich and poor, young and old alike to our knees – a posture of interior humility and surrender. We can reach heaven only while on our knees. We will receive answers only while on our knees. Man’s solution for healing may be God’s answers, but not all the time. Every person must learn to hear, trust and obey that “still small voice” or he will surely die without hope. Yes, unless we hear the voice of God for ourselves and obey, we will never, ever be whole now or later. Yes, before we go to the pharmacy, we must first go to our heavenly Father and ask Him what to do or not do. We all know of someone who is dead, because the doctor was “dead-wrong,” We have all offered or received advice that was “dead-wrong.”

I am only including the front and back covers of “THE PURPLE PAMPHLET VS THE PURPLE PILL” as a part of this epistle. If you are intrigued by what might be on the inside pages, click on this link: The Purple Pamphlet.There is hope and healing in these pages. And it is free. It’s a free gift from heaven’s pharmacy delivered to you via Peter, the Lord’s Scribe & Storyteller. Heaven’s pharmacy is open 24 hours a day and its healing remedies are there for the asking.


Peter-The Lords Scribe and Storyteller

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