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What’s New? – What’s Next?
April 28, 2018

Northwest Territorial Mint filed for bankruptcy after being in business for more than one-hundred years. And why should that matter to us or anyone reading this letter? It should matter because many of our friends have received a medallion minted by NWTM while others generously helped us pay for them. Here is what the medallions looked like and the story explaining the purpose of the medallion. Click on and read: My Legacy

The question I am wrestling with is deciding if we are to find another company that can mint the medallions or if God is closing the door and is ready to open a new one? In fact, I asked, “Lord, did you sign off on the medallion project initially or was this a soulish undertaking? It just felt it was so right at the time.” Sooner or later most of us learn that bright ideas may not always be from God. After I learned that NWTM went bankrupt, I was directed to read “The Ten Commandments” and focus on the second commandment.

“Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth: Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them” (Exodus 20:4–5).

The reply I received was, “Peter, when in doubt pray and wait. And don’t ask others for a second opinion.” And that is what I am doing at the moment. I hope that after I am on the other side, the medallions won’t find their way onto the “Antique Road Show” and be viewed as a valuable and worldly trinket. That would show me that they have become idols for some. That would make me very sad.

Going bankrupt is not the unpardonable sin. It’s often the only way that God can get our attention and make us aware of our sinful and ego-driven nature. Bankruptcy is hard on the ego and hard on innocent bystanders who lose their jobs. It’s hard on children when a relationship goes bankrupt and children are caught in the middle. It’s happening to many and happened to our children. I am so sorry, kids. I started out in life on the wrong foot – in step with the world and out of step with God. Living, working and playing in Egypt was fun while it lasted, but it did not last. I learned the hard way that life is not a playground; LIFE IS A BATTLEGROUND!

In retrospect I see God’s hand in all of it. God took me out of a world that was focused on “me first and God second” and then introduced me to a new world in which God is first and everyone else is second. He did not and could not do that until I went bankrupt. Thank you Jesus for extricating me from the world and turning my life right-side-up. Now I know that what happened to me was necessary to reclaim a soul that had gone astray and was lost. I was shown via the movie “The Ten Commandments” that my soul, like Moses’ soul, was never intended to prosper in Egypt; and that I needed a shepherd girl by my side to fulfill my destiny, not a queen. Jesus, You are such a good God and my God and Deliverer. I will always be grateful and will tell others about Your mercy and saving grace. That’s my high calling now.

What’s Next?

I asked, “Lord, you closed the door on the Lion of Judah medallions; do you have another assignment for me?” It did not take long and the Holy Spirit showed me my next assignment. He gave me spiritual nuggets that I was to share in the form of bookmarks. He also prompted a friend to send us all the first class stamps we could possibly use including international first-class stamps to share those nuggets.

Since we receive so little first-class mail today except bills, receiving an envelope with a first class stamp from a friend is like a Christmas or birthday present. I have been sending out the bookmarks with a personal note, and lo and behold, one person duplicated the bookmarks and is now using them for her prison ministry. And others have placed the bookmarks on their social media pages with marvelous applause. As far as I am concerned, it could not get much better. I am jubilant. I have something new to focus on and share. We all need something new from time to time. That usually doesn’t happen until we are willing to kiss the old good-bye. We can’t double-date with Jesus and the world at the same time. Many have tried. It just doesn’t work.

One idea gives birth to more ideas. I am including a picture file for every bookmark crafted so far. You can either ask us to print copies for you or you can print them yourself. You can also craft your own. There are two bookmarks per page. They fit snuggly into legal-size envelopes. Just click on the bookmark and it will enlarge or you can copy it and print it yourself or ask someone to do it for you. That way the messages on the bookmarks will even get around more quickly. You can also hold down the control key (lower left-hand key) on your keyboard and click on the plus button one or more times to enlarge the pages.

Picturing someone using the bookmarks and seeing them travel along through favorite books they hold on their laps, makes my day. It is the equivalent of being invited into your home, your heart, and sitting next to you as you turn the pages. It would be like hitchhiking with you on your life’s journey.

I am totally focused at the moment on making and mailing bookmarks. It couldn’t get much better. This may not be the last assignment God has for me. I am 85 and my handmaiden Rebekah is 82. We are both making hay while the sun and the Son is shining on us. Come and make hay with us.

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I hope that this bookmark idea is so refreshingly unique that a few people will adopt it and make it their own. Feel free to ask us to make some for you. We have enough stamps and envelopes.

Rebekah keeps asking, “Peter, is it legal to have so much fun?” I responded with, “Yes, it’s quite legal. A happy and a grateful heart is the best medicine ever.”

There was a time in my life I wanted my name on everything. Now I prefer for Jesus’ name to be on everything. If you forget mine, nothing is lost. If you forget Jesus’ name, everything is lost.

Peter and Rebekah Laue
965 Cloud Cap Avenue
Pagosa Springs, Colorado 81147 USA

Stretcher Bearers for Christ

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