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Come Away My Beloved

June 7, 2013

The Holy Spirit brought these words to my attention, "Peter, whoever walks in the footsteps of my Son Jesus will never have their footsteps erased." What a challenging and what a sobering thought!

There is a lady, her name is Frances J. Roberts, whose footsteps will never be erased. Her writings have walked across the landscape of many lives for many years. She is the author of a well-known and loved devotional called "Come Away My Beloved." She has gone on to her reward and yet she lives, because she lives in our hearts, in many hearts.

With the permission of the publisher, Barbour Books, we would like to make a small portion of the book available to those who visit our web site. The original or "classic" edition uses the King James English, our favorite; but a newer edition is also available that is more along the lines of "The Living Bible" translation. There is also a very reasonable pocket-size edition available from the publisher at any bookstore and the Internet. Even Wal-Mart carries the book.

A few years ago Frances' son Dan Roberts graciously sent us a collection of individual booklets that preceded the publication of "Come Away My Beloved." We would like to pass these along to anyone who would like to get better acquainted with Frances Roberts' writings prior to purchasing the book. We will mail a copy to anyone asking for them as long as the supply lasts. Please select only one of the booklets you prefer from the below selection and be sure to include your mailing address. Click on the booklet below of the one you would like. The booklet is a gift from Jesus via Frances Roberts and her son Dan.

Booklet #1
Lovest Thou Me?

Lovest Thou Me
Booklet #2
Living Water

Living Water
Booklet #3
Launch Out

Launch Out
Booklet #4
Learn to Reign

Learn to Reign
Booklet #5
Listen to the Silence

Listen to the Silence
Booklet #6
Sounding of the Trumpet

Sounding of the Trumpet

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The publishers of "Come Away My Beloved have graciously permitted us to include a few selections from the beginning of the book. In our correspondence with them they included these comments:
"Itís always exciting to hear about works that are being discovered overseas! The multiple editions of Come Away that Barbour has produced over the years have been translated into Norwegian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, Portuguese and most recently, Finnish."

Click on the book cover below for the first 20 pages of
Lovest Thou Me?   *

*   Please remember, the following page is copyrighted by Barbour Publishing.
Please note their copyrights at the end of the page.
Thank You, again, Barbour Publishing for allowing us to publish this wonderful portion of "Come Away My Beloved" by Frances J. Roberts on Stretcher Bearers.

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