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The Purple Pamphlet

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Peter's Epistles
April 2007

Writing letters has been my way of giving back and giving joy to my parents and friends. My Mother saved all of my letters beginning with nearly 200 letters mailed home during the Korean War. She thought that someone might like to read them one day. Today I can and like to say, “Silver and gold have I none, but such as I have I give unto thee, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I send you greetings – my letters.” Writing a letter is my way of saying, “I love spending time with you. I love you. Please hear my heart. I would like to hear your heart. Let us cry and laugh and be silly together.”

This particular very long letter to Virgil and Barbara was prompted by a dream of many years ago. Although the letter is addressed to Virgil and Barbara, special friends of many years, I pictured a larger audience in my heart and mind as I began to write.

In the dream, which is a part of my epistle, I appeared to be a doctor. There were many people in the dream who had been coping with their sicknesses by taking many kinds of pills. I prayed for them and many were healed. Then I tried to get their attention and explain how to stay healed; but very few were interested in hearing my words.

For many years I have been waiting to speak to the people in my dream without finding the opportunity to do so. And then one day I thought, “Why not write a letter?” I don’t need a hall or stadium full of people to speak my heart. All I have to do is write one letter; and if God is in it, the letter will multiply. The letters of the Gospel writers found their way into our lives all the way from Jerusalem and 2000 years when Jesus walked amongst us. Jesus’ words are alive today and so are the words of his apostles because they wrote letters that pleased God. The Lord said, “Hint, hint, Peter, are you getting the message?”

You may laugh or marvel when I tell you how it came to be that this letter found its way into your mailbox. Recently my e-mail letter writing program crashed. The most valuable part of the program was my address
book. I had to go back to an address book that was at least a year old. I did not know which of the addresses were still current; so I did something I dislike very much, I made a mass mailing to establish which addresses were still good. As a part of my mass mailing I mentioned my letter to Virgil and Barbara and asked if anyone might like to get a copy. I hinted why I had chosen to write an exceptionally long letter. I did not mention the dream, but I did mention my great desire to reach into the jungle of confused minds, emotions, and sleepless and tormented nights. And those few words triggered a very rich response.

If anyone would like to get better acquainted with the heart of this “letter writer,” know that he welcomes personal letters and visitors. And if you would like to get acquainted with Rebekah, his handmaiden and the Lord’s artist, go to

The Lord’s Scribe



Pagosa Springs, Colorado
March 27, 2007

Dear and faithful Friends—Virgil and Barbara & our “Forever Family,”

For several weeks and possibly maybe my whole life, I have been attempting to give birth to this story/letter. It’s the kind of story that puts many of the seemingly insignificant and confusing events of my journey into perspective. Lately I sat down with a yellow pad on my lap and wrote a page or two and then started over - I cannot remember how many times. I sat on the couch and wrote and sat in bed and wrote. While Rebekah was asleep I lay next to her and wrote on the tablet of my mind. It was like trying to unravel a ball of yarn, but unable to find the beginning or the end and work backwards.

You have been spectators of Peter & Rebekah’s lives from the time we got married almost 34 years ago. Our lives are like an open book to you. You have even gotten acquainted with a few of our peculiar friends and relatives. And you still held up our arms like Aaron and Hur did for Moses when the outcome of the battle was in doubt. Our bond and appreciation for one another continues to grow as the years go by. Instead of seeing faces wrinkled by age, and many tears, we see Jesus shining through. You have added untold blessings and many prayers to our lives. You are a part of God’s quartermaster corps providing an umbrella of protection and provision so that we can go to war and win.

But why do I want to write one more story, one more letter? Well, I am compelled to do it. There are so many souls in prison who have no idea that they have been captured by the enemy of their soul. And that is the real dilemma. That is what breaks my heart. We met an airline pilot a number of years ago who said, “We are not lost as long as we don’t care where we are at.” That sounds cute but it’s not true. We are lost if we have never met Jesus and have never said, “YES, LORD.” We are lost if we don’t care where we are at.

My heart goes out to every person who does not care where he is at. I have that rescue and savior mentality. I think all of us are born with the need to help someone. Jesus said to the apostle Peter, “When thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren.” That’s all I want to do now – encouraging those who are fainthearted.

A couple of weeks ago a chaplain and his wife came to see us. Seven years ago he gave up a well paying job in the oil and gas business to become a prison chaplain. Souls were more important to him than his profession. He told us about the prison where he spends the bulk of his time. He goes from cell to cell. The prisoners are locked up 23/7 in solitary confinement. That means that during each 24 hour period they get to leave their cell for one hour to take a shower and exercise.

What a marvelous man of God this chaplain is. He told us how he approaches each prisoner and presents Jesus as the only way out of prison. One of the things he likes to tell them is that the first person Jesus invited to come home with him to His Father’s house was the thief on the cross. We never heard anyone present the Gospel with such clarity, simplicity, and compassion. I told him that the world needs a hundred more chaplains like him. I believe he accepted the challenge and will now begin to train others to become chaplains.

Until recently he was part of a well-known prison ministry under whose umbrella he ministered. But in good consciences he felt the need to resign because he could not compromise his beliefs - praying for deliverance, praying for inmates to be baptized in the Holy Ghost and praying in tongues. He was rejected like many of us who have had an Upper Room experience like the 120 in chapter 2 of the Book of Acts. But praise God, he did not cow down to the traditions and errors of a man-made, lukewarm religious system.

We met this chaplain because a friend gave him one of Rebekah’s prints of “The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail.” He called and asked for permission to use the picture as a part of his ministry. We were so happy to
wholeheartedly say “YES.” And at this point I want to introduce something extra to my epistles. You will notice that I am including more pictures. I have learned how to do that and don’t have to ask for help anymore. You will also notice touches of humor here and there. Fun and laughter are a part of who Jesus is in my heart.

Jack Gaudin, our chaplain friend, lives and ministers in the Canon City, Colorado area. He told us that there are more prisons stashed in that general geographic location than in any other area in the United States. We can testify to that. We have seen some of them from a distance. And someone very close to our hearts spent several years in one of them. In theses prisons society is warehousing the debris that our modern culture produces. Mental institutions are also filled with the by-product of our haste makes waste society.

Gatesville, Texas has prison facilities that houses 11,000 inmates. You have to have a stony heart not to be burdened and challenged by miles of barbed wire fences and guard towers. We recently drove through Gatesville. We saw it for ourselves and will never be the same.

In conversation with Jack Gaudin we told him that the above picture of “The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail” painting had been enlarged to

billboard size. You may recall that it was one of the three billboards that travelers would see when entering Pagosa Springs from each direction. Our friend Brian Burnett paid for the first one and different folks in the community paid for the rest. When the property on which “The Gates of Hell…” billboard was erected was sold, no provision was made to keep it there. The new owners are now using the structure for their bed and breakfast sign. New zoning ordinances have not allowed us to erect the sign in a new location. How sad!

The chaplain felt that Canon City might be the perfect place for such a billboard and will try to get the necessary support for such a project. Gatesville, Texas is potentially another site for the billboard. We burnt a CD for him with the graphics. Satan may be able to stall what God is doing, but he can’t stop it - impossible.

It’s kind of fun to let my thoughts meander and tell you about recent events but that is not the main purpose of my letter. I am on a mission. I want to craft an epistle with both pictures and words that will provide hope and weapons of warfare to those who have no hope, courage to those who have no courage, and purpose to those who have no purpose, dignity and life to those who are dead and empty on the inside. Friends, you have done a lot more than just helping us keep our heads above water; you have helped us walk on water. Today, your friends Peter and Rebekah are walking on water and your grandchild Marin has finished beauty school. Mother Theresa says, “Do little things with great love.” I like those words. You have done those words ever since we met.

Here is something from my “cute” menu. A year ago I shared a chocolate chip cookie with our friend Leo. This happened at a local coffee shop. Leo raved about the cookie and the owner of the shop was eager to try one. Angie, the owner, loved the taste and invited our friend Dawn to do the baking of goodies for the coffee shop. Dawn was ecstatic. Baking is Dawn’s sandbox. And her husband Bob loves to play in it with his wife. We all need to discover our own sandbox. Everyone has one but only a few have found out what it is and are playing in it. Making a living and playing in our sandbox are not necessarily incompatible.

A year later Bob and Dawn Klein are making plans to open their own bakery/café in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. That is another story and a part of the story is very sad. I loved going to WolfTracks Book and Coffee Shop. There was an open portal at a certain table for me. The new owner of the building would not renew the lease. It’s going to be a sad day in hell for all who play monopoly with God’s people and God’s money.

Bob and Dawn don’t have the finances to open another coffee shop; but they have a lot of favor with God and man. And that is what counts. When we prayed for them, these words popped out, “It’s not about finances; it’s all about favor.” They are not going to sell shares in their venture; they are going to sell chairs. And I have been designated to be the “Chair Man.” The

idea for selling “chairs” to raise the needed funds, not shares, came to me at my birthday banquet. I am 74 now and getting younger every day.

Rebekah and I have pledged our support because Jesus will be wholeheartedly welcome at “The Floured Apron.” Everyone who wants to help Bob and Dawn get launched in their coffee shop venture will be able to do so by buying a chair. The price of each chair will be $500. A larger amount will be gratefully accepted. The benefits of owning a “chair” in “The Floured Apron” bakery/cafe will be a 25 percent discount on all purchases. Out of town “chair holders” might be at a disadvantage, but their participation is welcomed and appreciated. Rewards and benefits may have to wait until all “chair holders” are assembled in heaven for a special banquet.

Peter-The Lords Scribe and Storyteller

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