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The World – A Giant Amusement Park?
January 17, 2019

A friend shared this most unusual mystical experience with us. It happened just before she was ready to launch on a zip line. She writes:
I was climbing a makeshift staircase built next to a giant Sequoia tree. Some of these trees are 300 feet in height and measure up to 56 feet in diameter at the trunk. Some of them were here before Jesus was born. A platform had been built near the top of the tree and a zip line attached to the tree. When I reached the launching platform, I entered into a mystical realm that took me by surprise. I saw and heard the tree weeping. I asked, "Why are you weeping?" The tree replied, "When workers built the makeshift staircase, they never asked me for permission to cut off the branches that were in their way. Those branches were my garments, my arms and helped me to breathe and grow taller. The branches provided a place for birds to build their nests and for squirrels and other critters to play and find food. I feel so barren and violated without those branches.


My friend suddenly realized that the tree was a living being and could feel pain. It had been injured and bled when its branches were severed. My friend apologized and repented to the tree for the heartless way it was treated; then she proceeded to go on the zip line. This story was deeply embedded in my soul. I pondered it for a long time. Finally I asked Jesus if and how I was to share it.

Jesus responded with these words, "Peter, my beautiful creation is being violated to satisfy the bizarre and insane appetite for more and more entertainment. My creation is being raped and dishonored. Trees are being defrocked and cut down. Animals are being stripped of their habitat as forests are being denuded. Oceans, lakes and rivers are being polluted. Lakes are being drained, damns are being built and rivers diverted without regard for the environment. Some fish are no longer able to live in the polluted waters. Native Americans have been shamefully treated. Their land has been stolen. They are no longer able to freely roam the land, hunt, fish and farm for their livelihood. My heart is pained by the way man has selfishly made use of my creation to satisfy his insatiable appetites for more entertainment. I am angry. I will not always keep silent.

"Peter, it will not always be that way. The cup of my indignation is ready to spill out and over this sin-sick and lost world. Look around! In many places and ways it already has. I have allowed crime, wars and violence as My wake-up call to bring the world to its knees and repent. I have allowed hurricanes, tornados and earthquakes to shake up and wake up the world.

”Nothing happens in the world without my Father's knowledge or permission. He is the one who permitted Osama Ben Laden to take down the Word Trade Center in New York City. The world took note but quickly fell asleep again. It even built a more grandiose sky scraper. My Fatber calls them ego towers. Peter, everything that can be shaken will be shaken. Everything not built on a firm foundation will be swept away. Everything done that is motivated by greed and man's pride will collapse.

"Peter, I have raised up many who will courageously voice my heart to the world, those who are willing to demonstrate the heart of another John the Baptist. You are one of those. Frances J. Roberts, author and evangelist is another one. I have chosen you and Barbour Publishing as custodians of her writings. Her writings are my heart poured out through Frances Roberts. I want you to resurrect her words so that the reader has a chance to ponder them, repent and focus on My purpose for their lives.

"We, and by the word 'we' I mean, every person must be willing to sacrifice their carnal and ego appetites before I can demonstrate my mercy, power and light through them. There is a crown of glory waiting for all who reject man's applause in favor of hearing these words from my heavenly Father, "Well, done my good and faithful servant, enter into thy rest."



My child, do not chafe at the bit. It is I who have put it in thy mouth I would have led thee by Mine eye, but ye have been willful and stubborn. Ye question My direction because it is not the common way. But I would have thee take a path that is quite different from the paths of thy friends, and it is because I would bring thee into a place in Me and a ministry in which they have no part.

Do not hesitate and do not falter. Move in and do so quickly, for I say unto thee, the hour is late, and there is great urgency because of the swiftness of the gathering darkness, yea, even the hour of which it is written that none shall be able freely to do My work. It is as when a great storm breaks suddenly and each person is fully bent upon finding his own personal place of safety. Even so it is coming to pass, that in this hour ye should be gripped with one consuming purpose – to find the place I have for thee.

I have deliberately put thorns in thy nest in order to drive thee forth. I understand thy reluctance , but I shall surely deal with thee until ye break out of thy bondage.

The enemy shall hinder thee in every way imaginable if ye give him any room to stand. Rebuke every detaining circumstance in My Name, and keep thyself covered by the blood.

Your heart will grow cold unless ye keep it close to Mine. Your love shall be turned to indifference unless ye keep the cross before thine eyes.

The Savior loves the dying world and the lost sinner no less today than He loved them the day He hung on Calvary, bleeding and dying for their redemption. His grace is still as rich and His compassion is yet as deep. He has not become weary, nor has He turned His attention to other interests. The preaching of the Gospel is still His will, and the salvation of souls His chief concern. So also should it be thine, and nothing else should be permitted to take precedence over evangelism in thy life.

Be diligent. Confess thy lack, and repent of thy negligence. Then shall I give thee a fresh anointing and a new commission Yea, I will give thee the tongue of an evangelist and will send thee forth to reap precious souls. Jesus, the Christ, shall be thy theme, and thou shalt uplift Him, and He shall draw the lost unto Himself.

Behold, the hour is upon thee. Look not back. Go straight forward, nor allow any to detain thee or turn thee aside. My purpose can only be fulfilled as ye give Me your undivided loyalty.

There has never been a day like this. Nothing of past experiences can be compared to it. It is as though in history there have been crests in the waves; but that which is ahead is like a tidal wave by comparison.


O wicked and perverse generation: have I been so long in your midst and yet ye have perceived Me not? Have I not ministered unto thee in myriad of ways, and ye have been blind? Yes, and when I speak unto thee, ye do not hear.

O My children, ye go your way as though ye belonged to another; yes, ye believe not as sons and daughters but as strangers. Ye hold meetings in My Name , and give honor to men, but not to Me. Ye boast that ye serve Me, but in truth ye serve your own ego, for that which ye do is calculated to enhance thine own position and advance thine own prestige, and ye give it all a sanctimonious cloak.

'See' ye say 'we shall pray', while prayer is farthest from thy heart. And who shall hear thee? Only thine own ears. Prayer is for those whose hearts cry unto Me in sincerity, and who seek Me earnestly; not for those with only a pretended piety, and who, with selfish and unworthy motives and hearts made fat with self-adulation, are only playing with Me as a child would manipulate a puppet on a string.

Get you to the prayer closet! This is the reason I have taught thee to pray IN SECRET. Because there ye are beset by fewer false motives and less temptation. He who does not habitually commune with Me alone is almost sure to find true prayer impossible in public.

Ye would make Christianity pleasant and acceptable: your Savior did not find it so. You would make it comfortable and accommodating to your own schedule. He knew noting of such false religion.

Lonely nights, He wrestled in prayer, not spared the flesh discomfort. Yea, and the more ye pamper the flesh as in bodily comfort, the more it shall demand of thee, and ye become its servant, and thy physical needs shall be a tyrant unto thee in thy house.

Be not deceived. I gave thee no such commandment. Hear Me as I repeat to you what I gave to your fathers: 'Deny thy SELF and TAKE UP THY CROSS and FOLLOW ME.' Yea, follow ME–not some worldly form of a backslidden church.

Think not that it becometh blest because it bears the name church. My Church is a living body, not a dead form. My people may be recognized by their humility and sufferings, not by their social acceptability and their self-advertized success, not by extravagant physical appointments of their structures; but by the grace of God at work in their hearts. Sacrifice is my status symbol, and man has not been eager to decorate the type of spiritual leadership I had in servants like Paul and Jeremiah.

Do ye desire to follow Me truly? Look for the blood-stained prints of My feet. Go, as it were, to the cold, unyielding rock in the Garden of Gethsemane, where self is put aside, and the cup of suffering is accepted. Die to thine own treacherous and deceitful heart. Rise with determination to go on unflinchingly, not hoping to spare thyself. Save thy life, and ye shalt surely lose it. Offer it up to Me, this very day, in a renewal of consecration into sacrificial living, and I will accept thee and thou shalt know joy as new wine.


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The first response:
Yes and AMEN to this story!!!! I love this and cherish knowing there are people like this saint in the world!

I choose to also live this way every day. I live in the country in a natural setting, surrounded by God’s Holy creations, His earth, His skies, and animals. The animals and birds are my companions and YES oh my YES! they have VOICES. The little flowers tremble when you talk with them and water tickles them. It is written in deep ancient writings that Solomon could talk to the animals-especially birds. There are days we even hear actual words but their language does not have to be in English to be totally understood. It transmits on a deep soul level…amen.

Today I was sitting outside and reading Frances Roberts' book that you sent to me…and I felt such peace-of being at one with all creation. The black capped chickadees have been so friendly today, coming right up to me. The LORD sends so many birds and wildlife to our very doorstep-even the night creatures. Last night I had quite the long conversation with the huge hoot owl…I responded to his calls and he responded back. These are to me, HOLY conversations. I talk to the birds about Jesus-It is my belief that they recognize His name and Presence. And my house dogs and large white German Shepherd are sacred parts of my life. Gavi was a mystical present. I had never even thought of a white German Shepherd…did not know about them and the LORD sent her to me in a dream THREE times in the early morning watch time around 6 am. I began to pay attention. And Lo and behold, I found a pup…and the wonderful Christian man and his wife drove her many miles to me-with NO charge for driving her to me. She has become my guardian, and I named her Gavreel, after the angel of Peace.

Thank you for the extra book copies…I will listen carefully to the Holy Spirit’s promptings of who to gift them to! And I thank you for entrusting me with that placement!

Sending much love to you two today and ALL days. We are ETERNALLY connected, Praise GOD!

You can listen to a radio interview with Frances Robert at this address:

Love in Yeshua,

Your co-worker in Christ, Betty H.

Second Response:
Dear Peter

Your letters are like nectar for me. They fill me up with so much love. It’s the Christ that is alive in you and Rebekah’s hearts that do so.

I read the story about the tree. Thank you for sharing that. I too had a similar experience when I was about 14 and traveling with my family in Canada. I saw so many clear cut forests. The pain was so deep and so raw I wept out loud. I could not keep back the tears. It is one of my biggest and deepest prayers that we bring about a right relationship to God’s green earth. All living beings can feel and can communicate. It is very real. If we can reorient our minds and hearts towards being grateful for what God has created for us and to bear the responsibility we have to honoring it as holy and sacred, I do believe the vision Jesus had for this earth can come to be. It’s the prayer I choose to speak. It’s right here waiting for us. We just have to choose it! I am very hopeful but there is hard work to be done.

I too am feeling much better. I have more energy these days, and with Jesus I hope to make my latter years the best years of my life. I know this can be if I choose to listen and not allow myself to be distracted. I know I have an important assignment to fulfill if I allow the Holy Spirit to direct my steps. I am open and thirsty!

Smiling big from ear to ear


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