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Early Writings

Jerusalem Lament


Peter & Rebekah are going fishing in a big pond as they broadcast this picture and these words into “cyberspace.” They are convinced that there will be someone who sees this picture and views the video JERUSALEM LAMENT, who will receive their “marching orders.” They will connect with their destiny and discover their purpose. After 2000 years, Jesus, the Son of God and long-awaited Messiah, is still lamenting over Jerusalem and interceding for the Land of Israel. He continues to look for others to help Him shoulder His pain and purpose and storm the gates of heaven and hell with warring prayers and many tears.

Peter & Rebekah are searching for others who have a heart for Israel. They believe that the only way to connect with them is through the witness of the Holy Spirit. The way Peter and Rebekah met one another was very “other-worldly.” The moment they met, the Spirit of God in their hearts lept - very much like what happened to Simeon when Simeon met the eight day old baby Jesus – the Christ Child. This type of thing happens to Peter & Rebekah quite often these days; and that is how they know that they are to link up with seemingly complete strangers.

Deep is calling unto deep. The Bride of Christ is coming together. The wall of enmity between Jew and Gentile is coming down. We are finding our place in Christ. We are playing in the same symphony orchestra because we have the same “Conductor.” We are no longer envious of the instrument someone else is playing. We have found our unique place and instrument; we know where we fit. Sometimes we are asked to play a solo; but most of the time we are a part of a great harmony of celestial sounds. The music we make together is beautiful and so pleasing to the Father and the heavenly host. Our souls are at rest. We belong to something and “Someone” bigger than ourselves.

If these few words spark the Spirit of the Living God within you, please enter the words: JERUSALEM LAMENT in your search engine to view the words Peter spoke over Jerusalem on September 23rd, 2005. And if the Spirit of the Living God leaps inside of you, you may also want to go to our site and download Peter’s odyssey to Israel: “The Stone Table at Maagan”. Chapter 8 of the odyssey has the words Peter spoke over Jerusalem.

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Jerusalem Lament I (16 minutes)

Jerusalem Lament II (21 minutes)

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Painting by Beth Sweigard is available at Christ Centered Mall

Her life as an artist is phenomenal. She never had a painting lesson and is blind in one eye. One day she decided to paint, went to a store and got some supplies and began. Look at this painting and you will see God uses every vessel that is willing.

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