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The Upper Room

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The Other Peter's Epistles

10 Video Clips

A Portal Between Heaven and Earth

About That Mountain


Angels of the Street

Another Dream

Appointed and Annointed to Roar

Archuleta Chapel, The


Crafts for Christ

Crafts for Christ Handbook

My Dear Patti

Ego Disease, The

Exodus 2

Footprints in Wood


God's Handmaiden

Hansel & Gretel

Hello and Goodbye from
Peter & Rebekah

I Am Meth by Carolyn Evans


The Illumination of Conscience

Isiah 49

Journal Project

A Letter to Winnie

Lion Roars

Magnetic Treasures

Mary of Bethany's Song

Molting Eagles

Salting Pagosa Springs

More Than Life Preservers

Mortgage, The or "Out on a Limb"

My New Secret Weapon

My Pagosa Assignment

My Pagosa Assignment Intro

Paint Brush

Passing the Baton


Peter, I Need to Talk to You

Peter's Conversation with Jesus

Peter's Journal

Peter's Resume

Precious Jewels


Rebekah's Miracle

Rebekah's Wallet

! Saints Arise !

Salt Communion

Shepherd Girl, The

Spiritual Tsunami Hits Pagosa

Stone Table at Maagan

Strongholds Are Coming Down

That Lazy River

The Tuning Fork

Today Is My Day or "Killboro"

Walls are Coming Down

Who Will March with Me?

Words from Peter's Journal

You Dont Have to Be Strong


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All writings by Peter, the Lord's Scribe and Storyteller and all paintings by Rebekah, the Lord's artist are copyright free.