Hello and Goodbye from Peter and Rebekah

October 2, 2018

I don't care about living long, but I do want to finish strong. Finishing strong is what Jesus is all about. He did not live long, but He finished strong. Living long is what doctors are all about. Today I am saying hello and goodbye to all who love me and Rebekah, all who hate me and everyone in-between. Satan tried to take me and my handmaiden Rebekah out on Monday, September 10 when she broke her neck. He tried to take me out by shooting fiery darts into my hip and heart. But it was not Rebekah's time and it was not my time. Jesus decides when it is our time, not the devil.

Jesus wants to use me to butcher a few more sacred cows, turn over a few more money changers' tables and challenge some of the religious traditions that cause folks to believe they are safe and saved. Those who label me and others like me paranoid schizophrenics or call speaking in tongues gibberish, are not welcomed in my Father’s House.

He also wants me to leave a trail-mix of words and "the Word" that will help the stragglers find their way to the Pearly Gates and be able to pick up some manna along the way. Jesus does not want anyone to get left behind and neither do I. I do hope we get to shake hands with you at the Pearl Gates. My name is Peter. At the moment my handmaiden Rebekah and I are still living in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. We have no guarantees for how long; but God knows and He is keeping it a secret.

Here are a few recent stories I have posted on our web site: www.stretcherbearers.com. They will help you find your way home.

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