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Michael’s Song Lyrics
by Bryan Martin

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Somewhere in my dream world I pictured an angel
A halo on her head, wings, wearin’ white
In my life I never thought I’d see one
And when I saw one in a wheelchair, it didn’t seem right

Michael is a man we met in Colorado
An angel that took a hard fall
His body may be bound by a wheelchair
But his sweet and tender spirit inspires us all

I wish I had the strength he has
To look toward the future and forget the past
Make the good always outweigh the bad
All and never complain

Someone so filled with the Spirit and love
For the Father up above
Although I didn’t see no wings, there was an angel before me
And Michael was his name

He prayed for everyone at the service
Words only a man of God could say
He had us cryin’ from the git-go
And we were still wiping tears when we parted ways

I wish…

Someone so filled…

I wish…

Someone so filled…

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