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001January 24, 2013Cinnamon Rolls and Chicken Soup
      Restoration for the Wounded Soul
      3:00 AM - Dulce, NM
002March 1, 2013I Love 80
      Bathtub Deliverance
      Accept Your Weaknesses
003March 16, 2013All Aboard
      All Aboard
      A Child Shall Lead Them
004May 7, 2013Extravagant Wisdom & Love
      Joshua's Odyssey
005June 12, 2013Come Away My Beloved
      Walking in Jesus' Footstep
006June 26, 2013The Other Pulpit
      Crafts for Christ
      Heaven Is Real - But So Is Hell
007February 15, 2014Peter's Next Assignment
      An Eternal Memorial

008January 18, 201510,000 Shall March
      Godís Withered Rose"; Poem & Sculpture by       J. Christopher White

009March 1, 2015Peter, You Are Clean
      Poem "Unless" by Jesus

010September 11, 2015My New Secret Weapon

011May 18, 2018Dear Everyone

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