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The Healing Tree

Text on back of the card reads as follows:

“.... and the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.” (Revelation 22:2)

The painting of “The Healing Tree” by Rebekah Laue was birthed through a miracle. The painting and this card are our grateful response. Here is what happened one day in the Summer of 1998.

Jayne, a very close friend, paid Peter & and Rebekah one of those impromptu visits. In fact, most of the time Jayne walks right in and announces, “I am home, Mom and Dad.” As usual, she headed for her favorite chair and collapsed into it. She was so exhausted, she could hardly speak. The turmoil in her life had been brutal. Sleep and rest had eluded her for many days. She had not been able to catch that proverbial “Second Wind.”

Suddenly, Peter saw a picture of "The Healing Tree" in his mind's eye. He reached up, picked one of its leaves and placed it on Jayne. And at that moment new life and vitality streamed from the Throne of Grace not only into Jayne's body, mind, soul and spirit, but also into Peter's. It has been streaming into their lives ever since.

Lord, You took five loaves and two fishes and fed the multitude. In like manner, we place this picture into Your hands to heal the multitude. Let the branches of “The Healing Tree” stretch across many wheel chairs, hospital beds, and hearts that are lonely, tired and sorrowful. We thank you, Lord Jesus, for every heavenly courier You dispatch with healing leaves in their wings. How wonderful and mysterious are Your ways.

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