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PLEASE be aware of copyright laws for each of the below!

Come Away My Beloved
      by Frances J. Roberts
Six Booklets available for sending USPS© 
Joshua's Odyssey
      by Joshua H
The true story of a young man battling schizophrenia and his treks across the United States©Y
John G Lake Sermons
      by John G Lake
Transcribed by Peter © Y
Letters from a Soldier
      by Peter Laue
Letters written when in the Army and the changes gone through   Y
The Purple Pamphlet
      by Peter Laue
Helping words for those who may not fit into "the world's definition of Normal"    
The Seeking Heart
      by Francios de Fenelon
for guidance and help in their quest for a deeper walk with Christ. ©  
The Stone Table at Maagan
      by Peter Laue
Peter's journey to Isreal   Y
To Hell and Back
      by Peter Laue
for "you and the many others like us who do not seem to fit into this frenetic society"   Y
Wounded Warriors
      by R. Loren Sandford
"This book is not the product of extensive psychological or statistical research, but is, rather, the fruit of my own experiences." © Y

© Please abide by each of the copyright laws by author.
Peter's are, as always, free to use.

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