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Joshua's Odyssey


Story zipped
It was made in Word 2007. This part is just the story. It's 73 Pages Printed out 108 KBs
This download is to go with the above printable text.rtf which has an Opening page with Joshua's photo; a Contents page by Chapter. There is a third one that has the mileage tables. No images. Just the approximate distances between places. Each section may be printed seperately to accommodate YOUR needs. You WILL need to also download the above to have it complete with the story, remember. 430 KBs
Website Style Pages
You have links to go from one chapter to another. Links for the corresponding Maps, (including the actual maps) to each chapter.
I have also added two files so if you add the complete contents, (pages and folders) onto a disk, when put into a ROM drive, it will automatically come up. Great for sharing!! But Larger for downloading, and NOT for printing.
2.08 MBs

You can also request Joshua's Odyssey in PDF format (8.42 MBs) by emailing Peter at:
It's very large, so be sure your email will let you get it that way.


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