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Life Letters

Life Is More Than
July 4, 2015

(Click on the leaves to see them dancing at Lake Pagosa)

I was sitting on the porch swing just now watching aspen leaves dance in the wind. Some leaves danced more than others. And then I contemplated the life of an aspen leaf. It has a short life. It sees a hundred sunrises and a hundred sunsets - then goes to sleep forever. Unless it is firmly attached to the branch, it will wither and die within a few minutes or hours. It can be artificially kept alive a little longer, but not much longer.

And then I thought about life and my life. It is not much longer than the life of an aspen leaf. Oh, I can be kept alive a little longer, but what is the merit of being kept alive a little longer? Will I make good use of the extra moments or frivol them away? Do I know where I am going or what my purpose is? Have I been a good steward of the years and the health and the gifts entrusted to me? Good questions, don't you think?

Life is more than having a wife!
Life is more than having a husband!
Life is more than having a family or friends!
Life is more than having a nice home!
Life is more than having a good education!
Life is more than having a good paying job!
Life is more than having a business or busyness!
Life is more than hunting and fishing!
Life is more than dancing or horseback riding!
Life is more than going to a Fourth of July parade!
Life is more than playing with all the toys the world has to offer!
Life is more than caring for the homeless, the hurting and the hungry!

Yes, life is all of these things plus a lot more.
Life is knowing the Author of Life and making Him known.
Until He reveals Himself to us, we do not know Him or can show Him to others.
Jesus, I beg you, reveal yourself to me as the Author of Life and the lover of my soul.

What a joy, what a privilege to be asked to place these words into your hands today.

Peter Laue - The Lords Scribe and Story Teller

A Healing Bridge between Heaven and Earth

"... and the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations."
Revelation 22:2, Ezekiel 47:1-12

Take a look at that special leaf. It used to dance and twirl on one of our aspen trees.

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Watch the Aspen Leaves Dance at Lake Pagosa

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