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sung by

Donna Mae Halsted

My Happy Tree

and a walk around our home on Pagosa Lake

Six Audio Epistles
by Peter Laue, the Lord's Scribe and Storyteller

Most of these correspond to stories with links if you click on the image at left, you can get to the page links as well as the YouTube links to these Audio Epistles.

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Audio 1 of 6

46:55 minutes

The Introduction, Choices, About Us, and On the Road to Damascus
Audio 2 of 6

54:18 minutes

Especially for Fathers, Who Am I?, In Search of Sanity, and A Smoker's Prayer
Audio 3 of 6

75:13 minutes

A Prayer for those in Mental Prisons, The Lion and the Lamb, The Lion of Judah Roars, Don't Fence Me In, and The Paint Brush
Audio 4 of 6

68:02 minutes

Driven & Being Driven, I'm Free, Portrait of a Heart, My Gift
Audio 5 of 6

71:45 minutes

A Letter from Dennis, The Turning Point, and Charles G Finney
Audio 6 of 6

44:36 minutes

Confession Is Good for the Soul, It Can Happen Today

10 Video Clips

by Peter

Peter Laue was invited to sit in front of a camera in 1992 so that he could pour out his heart. Below are the ten video links at YouTube.

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The Lord’s Scribe – Part 1

The Lord’s Scribe – Part 2

The Lord’s Scribe – Part 3

The Lord’s Scribe – Part 4

The Lord’s Scribe – Part 5

The Lord’s Scribe – Part 6

The Lord’s Scribe – Part 7

The Lord’s Scribe – Part 8

The Lord’s Scribe – Part 9

The Lord’s Scribe – Part 10

The Spiritual Tow Truck
"Patrolling the Highway Through Hell"

Was made in 3D animation by a friend of Stretcher Bearers for Christ and Peter & Rebekah.

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All writings by Peter, the Lord's Scribe and Storyteller and all paintings by Rebekah, the Lord's artist are free to use without permission.