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by Rebekah Laue

Love Remembers

My Royal Quest

I, Peter D. Laue, have searched in many places, many libraries, many books for a picture of Mary as she washes and weeps over the feet of her Lord and Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth. I have now found such a picture. It was hidden in the heart of my handmaiden Rebekah. When it was born, I named the painting, “Love Remembers.”

My royal quest continues as I now search for the hidden “Marys”, the “Cinderellas” whose hearts will leap when they see the painting, this act of love and devotion made tangible. Join me in this quest, be an emissary of the King of kings, by finding those whose hearts and those whose homes where "Love Remembers" is welcome. Can you not picture these homes filled with the fragrance of love, the fragrance of His presence?

In the Gospel of John this word love is made tangible. Only in pouring it out was its fragrance released in our world. Thank you my Lord for being willing to be poured out for us. Pour me out in like manner.

Copies of “Love Remembers” as a notecard, and as a larger picture (16" by 20") are available. Let us know which you would like; and please include a gift of the heart with your request. In my mind's eye I see each picture as that “glass slipper” that will help us find the true “Marys” of this world.

Jesus' Stretcher Bearer,
Peter Laue

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