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To Hell and Back

Chapter XIX

For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God. Romans 8:14

I write this postscript, dear Phyllis, with a certain amount of sadness. Earlier in my letter I had given you a glowing report of the beauty of Pagosa Springs. I had invited you to our log cabin castle to be refreshed here and to drink in the splendor of these mountains.

We have lived in this beautiful setting for over five years. We were blessed here with many friendships. We could share our vision of Crafts for Christ with many visitors; and our children could grow up in a clean, wholesome environment. No problem seemed to be or was insurmountable. We were confident that God was with us and that we were where He wanted us to be.

As I sit here penning these last words, spring is returning for the sixth time. The ducks are patrolling the lake once more and a cute beaver is eyeing our last remaining young aspen tree. Things seem quite unchanged over previous years, and yet there is a difference, at least for us. The cloud of God’s anointing has moved. Our mortgage payments have become a burden rather than a test of faith and a challenge. The mystery, the magic and the splendor of the log cabin castle is gone. The castle has become a house. We have no desire to stay here. When the cloud of God’s anointing lifted from the tabernacle in the wilderness and moved, the Israelites knew that it was time to fold their tents and follow the cloud:

“And when the cloud was taken up from over the tabernacle, the Children of Israel went onward in all their journeys.” Exodus 40:36
In like manner, we believe that God’s purpose for our lives has been accomplished in Pagosa Springs for now, and that He will lead us by his Spirit to another pasture and a new adventure somewhere else. We would rather live in a tent anywhere and be under the shadow of His wings (Psalm 91) than live in the most beautiful log cabin castle. No roof can give us or anyone else adequate shelter unless we are also under the cloud covering of God’s anointing. Where we go next and how we were led there will probably be the first chapter of my next book. The Lord has given us a glimpse of something new and beautiful awaiting us through the words of this prophecy:

Peter, the Lord would say unto you, My son, it has seemed like an eternity, saith the Lord, but my time is right and the Lord is never late. The Lord is never late. And that that Satan has intended to do to destroy you, the Lord your God has intended to make you strong. So look up unto the Lord and trust the Lord, for He hath redeemed you, He hath redeemed you, He hath redeemed you; yea, even those things that have happened in your life, saith the Lord. And Peter, very shortly, very soon, you cannot imagine what God has going on. All this time God has been working in your behalf and has been opening some doors that you know not of. And I see that very soon some doors are going to be opened. And God has given something to you, I know not whether it is a gift or some kind of talent or what. God has given something to you, Peter, that God is going to use through you for His glory, and He was purifying you and He is purifying you more and more and will continue to, that that which comes out of you will in fact be life. That will be life.

Alleluia! The enemy is defeated. Alleluia! Praise God! Glory! Amen! You cannot imagine what God has in store for you.

When God has a word like that for someone, He always gives me a vision. As I speak I am speaking that vision He has given me. It was like strong, iron doors that Satan has been trying to keep shut, and I saw the hand of God mightily reach down and just open them and say, “Peter, walk through. That door that I have opened man cannot close, nor can your enemy,” saith the Lord. Amen! Amen! Amen! Praise God! Praise God! Alleluia! Alleluia!

Twenty-Five Years Later!

In 1983 I wrote that the anointing had moved and a move to a new location was imminent. We did not move!!! Rebekah and I are still living in our beautiful log cabin castle on Lake Pagosa. In fact, we have enlarged our home and have added a beautiful guest apartment, which we call “The Upper Room.” It comprises a thousand square feet of love and luxury where weary travelers can sit in the “Rocking Chair of God’s Heart.” It was fear, confusion, depression and exhaustion that caused me, Peter, to misinterpret what God had in mind or was trying to tell me. God gently chided us through the words of a friend. His words challenged us to persevere. In essence, our friend Buster said,

“I have read your account and was mightily encouraged by the way you trusted God; but when I came to the last chapter of your book, I was greatly saddened. Suddenly it seemed that your God was not big enough to help you with your large mortgage payment.”

God was chiding us in the most gentle way possible. Both Rebekah and I felt like crawling under the rug. We immediately burnt the “For Sale” sign and have kept on keeping on. We have learned many hard and valuable lessons about trusting God. Today, our log cabin castle is debt free. That indeed is a miracle. The mortgage was paid 17 years ahead of schedule. We invite you to read about the many miraculous events that have shaped our lives by turning to our web site and browsing through the stories that we have posted:

I am still perplexed about the prophecy given by Barbara Lott. I am not able to identify any event that would validate the prophecy. I am a little more guarded in the way I interpret any prophecy today. The Bible tells us that there are lying prophets and that we must be on guard. The dark cloud of doom and gloom lifted about three months after this evangelist/teacher was in Pagosa Springs. Fresh courage and faith to shoulder the mortgage payments came about a year later. Only one person had looked at our home while it was for sale. That person did not try to buy it; he tried to steal it. Shame on those who try to take advantage of those who are down and almost “out.”


November 6, 2003
Dear Peter & Rebekah,

There was a big used book sale near where I am staying. On the second day they had a great deal – fill up a paper grocery bag for $4.00. Well, I did fill up that bag, and one of the books I got was The Wood Blossom. A couple weeks after getting the books, I was glancing at my shelf full of books & felt drawn to pick up your book. (I knew it looked interesting when I first saw it. I am a sensitive person.) When I picked up the book, I felt The Holy Spirit. I knew I had to start reading it the next day. I can see why I felt Him when I picked up the book. You got Him! And He’s got you! Yesterday, I thought – hey, I wonder if I can find them on the internet! And there you are! I feel very fortunate to have found you and to be able to write to you.

There is much that inspires in your book. You describe things so that it’s as if the words came right out of my mouth. Your process of learning how to not be taken over by sensitivity to others – that is me. It’s been a long process of God causing my mind to become wiser and my learning to have proper guards up (chapter V). You also speak of songs. I don’t think I’ve ever even told anyone, but the Holy Spirit will play a song over and over in my head until I pay attention and get the message. It’s a wonderful thing. He will use both Christian and secular songs to give me messages. I can relate to the sensitivity that you describe when someone is suspicious of you and playing detective (I’m referring to chapter IV). Your phrase "mercilessly kicked around" – I can relate to that. I can relate to experiencing legalistic people and all the trouble that causes. I’ve also seen how people use signs and fleeces to interpret God’s Will, and I learned long ago that Satan can be the author of "signs". I also can relate to listening carefully for God’s Will and having signs from Him in miraculous and subtle ways, in both small and big areas of our lives. And what you say about fasting – I am severely hypoglycemic. It would shock me when leaders would tell their church to fast. I’d get confused and feel guilty… I just ignore it now (for the most part).

I could go on with many things I can relate to in your book. And there are many precious gems you’ve said, too – guidelines and such that can help me become wiser and make my life better. Thank you for writing the book. And I thank God that I found it at that book sale.

I have "survived" this life so far…but it’s been tough. I’ve been afflicted with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Environmental Illness and all that goes with those for 20 years. Because I am sensitive, I have done my best to treat people in a loving fashion. A lot of people just love to be around me because they know they are being loved.

I am doing everything I know to be obedient to God, and to allow for any pruning, and to get better physically and grow up emotionally. I am reading a lot and listening to tapes & applying myself and just plain ol’ working hard. I have a neat person talking to me in a counseling fashion via e-mail, and I get a call every few weeks from a woman who represents a ministry where they deal with a lot of people with my specific illnesses and see people healed and delivered. This is all good.

I am wondering, though, if you would pray and see if you get a specific word of knowledge, a word of wisdom for me or even a specific word of encouragement for me. Because I have read nearly all your book, I know that I can trust enough to ask this and be guaranteed a God-born response.

I am not someone who can give to your ministry, though. I have no money and no health to work (at this time). Everything I get comes from other people – the food I eat…I am in a state of need. I feel desperate for God and a better life. I feel desperate to get away from my Mom’s dumping on me or others. I want to feel better physically. Thank you for my letter.

I hope that it is okay that I am asking something of you, and I sure hope that God is blessing you. I do like to hear about other people having good lives.

Thanks again, and God Bless You!
Delight J

Peter responds to the letter from “Delight J”
Pagosa Springs, Colorado
November 8, 2003

Dear Delight J,

You certainly made my day with your letter. I will pass it on to a special friend who helped us print the first 500 copies of The Wood Blossom. This special lady read the manuscript back in 1982 and said, "This book must be published. If you cannot find a publisher, I will sell $2000 worth of stock to help you put the first edition into print. And that is what happened. We printed another 1000 copies after that. All of them are either sold or given away. But since requests keep coming in for copies of the book, I have scanned the book and now have it in my computer to share via e-mail. There is no charge if you would like a copy. Since you were so personally moved by the story, Jesus may want to use you to share the story with others with your own personal introduction and testimony. That would delight our souls - both Rebekah's and mine.

It's been 20 years since the book was published and the last chapter was written. Lots of wonderful things have happened since then and we may have to write a sequel to the book. Many things were hard but necessary to improve on what Jesus has done in us thus far.

We never moved from our log cabin castle on Lake Pagosa. In fact, we added a beautiful guest apartment called "The Upper Room." It is filled with love and luxury. It was completed 16 years ago and has had many, many guests from near and far. Many have touched the hem of Jesus' garment in The Upper Room. I will include a letter from one of the guests and also a prayer that was written specifically for anyone who might want to come and experience the presence of Jesus.

I can also tell you that the terror and torment of living on the edge financially is now a thing of the past. Once I realized that I had made a god and priority of paying the mortgage and was able to repent, the terror gradually faded away. I was able to say to Jesus, "Your presence is more valuable to me than your presents. I desire your presence above paying the mortgage and being debt free." I also said, "Lord, whatever it takes to make a man of faith and courage out of your son and servant Peter, I give you the permission to do; and I promise I won't grumble any more." That's what He was waiting to hear from me.

We continued to make the monthly mortgage payments for another five years and then God provided the rest of the money to pay off the mortgage 17 years ahead of schedule. We have been debt free for the past four years. We have no credit card or car payments. Until a month ago we were driving a 1986 Chevrolet Caprice with 200,000 miles on it. Three people recently offered to purchase the car because it looks and drives like a brand new car.

A friend has put a beautiful 1998 Cadillac De Ville in our garage for $1.00. It is pristine, in showroom condition. In fact, Rebekah just drove out of the driveway to go on a 1000 mile trip. Neither one of us are youngsters physically, but we are not afraid to do what many would consider unusual and dangerous. When the Holy Spirit tells us to go out on a limb where the ripe fruit is growing, we seldom hesitate for long.

For Peter, going out on a limb generally means giving birth to a new, exotic and expensive idea. Yesterday I committed myself to a $6000 printing bill. Rebekah says that I have printer's ink for blood. We have put five of her paintings into print over the past six years. We have also printed at least 20 newsletters since 1979. You can see Rebekah's paintings on our web site. Now we are having a journal printed that allows people to write their hearts and heartaches into the hands of Jesus. The cover of the journal is a painting by Joann Reed. You have probably seen her painting on our web site ( If you would like me to send you the specifications for the journal, I can easily do that.

Yes, I have struggled and battled and battled and struggled to come to this plateau of joy and victory. Today my cup is so full of JOY, if I don't pour some of that JOY into another cup, I will explode. Can you not tell by the momentum of this letter? Rebekah and I have walked together now for 30 years. She has been like a gyroscope in my life, pouring calmness into my soul when I am in danger of making foolish decisions. We love, respect and appreciate one another, but we don't hang onto or worship each other, not anymore! We hang onto and worship Jesus.

I have a couple of prayers I enjoy praying. One of these sums up my journey in Jesus: "LORD, let my life be YOUR glorious contradiction to the world's definition of normal." There is another prayer that I have put at the end of one my epistles. In fact, let me just copy the conclusion to the epistle:

It takes courage to let the “Real Me” show and wisdom to know when not to. Jesus—or Yeshua, if you know the Lord Jesus by that name—is the author of both. I speak and write these words not only to you, but also as a reminder to myself. As I do, they become more and more a part of who I am. The best way I can be a blessing to you is to let the “Real Me” show. I challenge you to do likewise. It’s an essential step towards sanity. To be a blessing to those near and dear to us, we must be so well and so real, that we are contagious in a good way. It’s never too early or too late to become real. Be prepared for a battle if you accept the challenge!

"Lord, help me to be so well, real, and courageous, that I am contagious in a good way."
In your letter you asked me to share with you anything that might be helpful. Well, I have tried to do that. I have tried to embroider my reply with those things that will give you hope and joy and challenge you to go out on a limb.

I am excited. Lot's of wonderful things can now take place because you found a copy of The Wood Blossom at a fire sale. Jesus will close doors that you cannot close by yourself and open new doors that you could not open by yourself. You will be able to ignore the past and embrace the future with hope. But remember, you need to be violently determined not to rehearse your hurts. I began to heal when I asked Jesus to show me what I was to learn from the disasters in my life. He answered my prayers. I am healing. I have stopped dialoguing with my painful past and imagined enemies.

Thank you for letting Jesus fill your cup via Peter and Rebekah's cups.

Peter & Rebekah

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