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The Stone Table at Maagan

Encouragement, Encouragement, Encouragement

- 6 -

I am writing these next pages at 3:30 in the morning on October 14, 2005. This is the ninth day since we have returned to our safe harbor. I have battled a cough, sore throat, cold, exhaustion, and poor sleep from the moment the plane landed in San Francisco. As I am unloading the rich cargo from the belly of my ship, my health and strength is slowly being restored. The keel of my ship is no longer dragging on the bottom of the harbor. Thanks to all who have blessed me with encouraging words and prayers, I was motivated and able to unload my cargo quickly.

Here is what our friends wrote after receiving my brief trip report. Please read all of them—please. You might find your letter amongst them or recognize the name of a friend. The letters speak as with one voice.

Welcome Home My Friend,

The feeling of pain and anguish is really pent up power waiting to be released. RELEASE IT, MANY ARE IN WAITING. I am heading out the door with Cierra just now. We will talk soon.

More LOVE brings more POWER,


Praise God that He blessed you so in Israel and in Jerusalem! Yes, Jerusalem is a hard is hard to imagine Jesus’ pain over her...and His continuing pain over her! I thank God that He allowed you to experience some of that anguish!

I prayed that God would change your life while you were there, painful as it was and will continue to be, as He reconciles you to your Jewish roots. You are His special child, and His heart aches over your pain. However, He will bless many through your pain and will bless you even more as you walk through it.

I look forward to a copy of the manuscript when you are finished. Meantime, I will be praying for you as you seclude yourself in the Upper Room and as you and Rebekah have your sabbatical. I pray for a Sabbath rest for both of you in Him as He blesses you in that place of rest.


Dear Peter & Rebekah,

Thank you for the snapshot of your awesome trip -- I am looking forward to reading the complete journey and will be praying for both of you!! Don’t be surprised if I drop by some goodies sometime (and I won’t stay and bother you) -- just to encourage you.

Blessings and love,

Welcome back my precious friends. Thank you for your report. I can’t wait until I get the final product of your writings. May the Lord bless you and keep you. May He guide you and may the Holy Spirit bring to mind all that He has stored in your heart. May our Lord encourage you and give you a new strength every day as you put down in book form all that He has given you to do.

I will prophecy now that you will not get weary or discouraged. You will find a new strength and wisdom every day as you get your feet on the ground. He will reveal to you daily new treasures that are hidden in your heart. May the Lord bless Rebekah with a new strength and health as she rests in the Lord during this period also. All my love and prayers are with you always, my wonderful kind friends and family in Christ.

PS: If you need any help at any time please let me know. I can be available on my days off for you and Rebekah. Cleaning, cooking, errands -- you name it – name it.

I love you both very much.
A bride of Christ -- Maria

Hello Peter,

I am so glad to hear that you are back in the States! It seemed like you were gone for a long time. I can’t wait to read all about your trip and experience. Please do not withhold anything. I’m so sorry that you suffered persecution while you were there. Just remember that the spirit of the antichrist was already working in Israel during Jesus’ day, and it will continue to oppose every Christian until He comes back. Your words on the hillside were not in vain. Satan and his demons were shaking in their shoes! You know it’s a fact that words, once spoken, never cease to exist. They just continue resonating in the atmosphere forever. Your words are still out there and resonating loudly in Satan’s ears. It wasn’t a coincidence that the two men came from seemingly nowhere. They were led there to send a message.

The Lord just reminded me of the hatred they will have for the two prophets during the tribulation. They will kill them because of their witness and their prophecy to Israel. The devil is a liar, and we know how the story ends, though.


Praise the Lord, You are home safe and sound with a mission. I will continue to lift you up to our Blessed Savior! I believe you have lived through Galatians 2:20 and shared in the fellowship of His sufferings to know Him! How blessed you are! How Faithful He will be as you bring your experiences to paper. May God be your strength and renewal one day at a time.

In Him,
Carolyn K

Thank you Peter for including me in your report about Israel. The time is short and I encourage you to accomplish your task as soon as possible. The two of you are God’s chosen vessels.


Yes, Peter and Rebekah, You touch us, we touch others, God’s heart is spread.

Take care of yourselves. Dig in. Climb into the strong tower, Jesus’ Name. Remember the battle is the Lord’s. Leaders are often taken into safe quarters at strategic times. It is necessary to preserve those who carry the strategy.

Steve and Kathy Hooper

Dear Peter,

Glad to hear you are back. I prayed for you while you were gone that God would show you new things and give you new experiences -- sounds like He has. I will keep praying for you, as you take your rest, seek Him more and get what He has given you out onto paper. I am hearing from Him myself, to be quiet and secluded at this time. My spirit welcomes this as I witness the present world appearing to crumble with one disaster after another. I am satisfied to know Him and only Him. “What a friend we have in Jesus!” Welcome you home dear friend and may your rest be sweet and full of the “Quiet” God is offering to us today.


Wow. It’s strange, but hearing of your persecution actually made me feel better. I can’t fully explain it, but one reason I think is that this level of opposition is a sign that God is having an effect and is about to move in a mighty way.

If Mike Bickle is right (and he probably is), there will be a major harvest of Jews in the last days and we as Christians are required to take part in it. His organization, “Friends of the Bridegroom”, has a dedicated missions base to Israel with news and prayer requests etc. Here’s the link: Click Here I noticed in their newsletter that they mentioned the persecution of Messianic Jews that is increasing over there; so at least you are not alone.

May God finish the work He started in you on that trip.

Bye for now,


It was good to hear that you were back safely. It was very interesting to hear what you were confronted with in Israel. The words of Scripture continue to be true concerning the Jews. God has blinded their eyes so that they cannot see! It is because of their sinfulness.

Their response to you is to be expected. I have seen in the last few months that the Gospel affects people in only three ways. The first is as the Greeks were affected; it was “foolishness to them.” The second is as a Jew, “or religious person,” was affected: a stumbling block. The third way the Gospel affects people is as those that Paul said are “called,” because to them it is the power of God unto salvation. You and I can always expect one of those three responses as we preach the gospel to everyone.

I will be awaiting the final copy of your work. Let me know.

In Him,
Larry Zamora

Hello, Peter ~

Welcome home! I hope your upcoming “rest & recuperation” goes well. Our small fellowship group was lifting you in prayer as you traveled. We prayed for you today.

It sounds like you encountered some antichrists on your trip. I’m sorry for any dismay that these encounters caused you.

John taught that there were “many antichrists” even in the 1st century. He also defines antichrist for us in two different ways: (1) anyone who denies that Yahshua is Messiah, and (2) anyone who denies that Yahshua Messiah has come in the flesh.

The world may think we’re crazy, but nevertheless, we agree that Yahshua is Messiah, and that He has come in the flesh. We also agree on this: every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Yahshua Messiah is Master.

Rest well, my friend,
Mick Abraham

Dear Ones,

Thank you for your heart-felt letter. I am with you all the way. I have very deep feelings about everything Jewish. My Bible is a very Jewish book!!- My Saviour is very Jewish! My future centers on the Holy City, Jerusalem, and the Mt. of Olives, where His feet will stand one day in triumph. The destinies of Christians are so vitally linked with the Chosen People and their God-given Land. The schism is real and painful, but that is partly because we are so vitally connected in reality.

I will surely be praying for you as you attempt to unload your “cargo” of emotions and salient truths, and to share your experiences, struggles, and your heart with your brothers & sisters in Christ. I can sense that it will be a heart-wrenching endeavor.

Until next time, In His love and faithfulness,

Blessed is He who Walks in the Name of the Lord, Peter,

After talking with you, I felt led to read your trip report. It makes my heart joyous to know you. I also prayed the same words, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do”. Those words have come several times from my own lips as I prayed for others.

Because of the infliction that came upon me as a result of the trauma I faced on September 19th, 2004, I am now allowed and able to feel the anguish and rejection in your heart. Sometimes it’s hard to forgive others, but we still do that for others. The crucified ones know how to forgive. Forgiving becomes as natural as moving one foot in front of the other.

I will continue to pray, whatever the Spirit places in my heart, for my heart is for the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost as I walk and learn more and more about Jesus each day. The crucified ones and the virgins are ready with their oil, for the Lord is returning soon in all His Glory. These crucified ones are getting ready with the utmost urgency. My heart is saddened for those who know Him in a sense but aren’t ready.

I’ve come to realize that my ministry is to the UN-churched, it is to the lost, the captives and all who are in bondage to sin and need salvation. This ministry is “the harvest of grace to the UN-churched.” This is a high calling. Like you, in going to Israel for Jesus, in order to do the work of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

I’ll pray for God to renew you in your mind, soul, spirit, and in your strength. I pray that as you write your words that every word will regenerate your entire body from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head. I’ll pray for the Peace of Israel. Blessed be the name of the Lord, King of kings and Lord of lords. You are in our prayers. Know, my spiritual Father, as you are on bended knees, Jesus is healing your heart this very second.

Yes, and please send us a copy of the manuscript when you have completed it.
Fred and Sue Phillippe.

Dear Peter and Rebekah,

My prayers are with you this morning. I just read your letter. My dad has been to Israel 4 times and at 90 all he can talk about is going back. I think he feels so close to Jesus when he is there. He talks like his heart is in Jerusalem. I know the Lord will help you unload the burden He has placed in your very being. He gives things to us to give to others that are sometimes very heavy.

Again my prayers are with you today. I don’t know what is going on with you today, but I feel you need to know this.

Joy Yeatts

Dearest Peter,

Yes, count us as those that will hold you up in prayer on a daily basis and those that would like to read your finished work. As you know, we have experienced a great loss in the death of our son Michael. He was also writing a book. His work is incomplete but we know the Lord does not waste anything. When one of His children cannot finish His calling on their lives, He will place the mantle of their anointing on another. We are praying Michael’s mantle falls gently on your shoulders.

We see your labor of love as completed and an instrument in the Hands of God to wake up a sleeping beauty....His Body ! We see that mantle as a prayer shawl and your work as not only a book but also a prayer going up before God as a sweet smelling savor. We see God calling His Body from death unto life!

We love you dear friends. Please keep us close in your thoughts and close in your prayers.

Much love and prayer....Deanna Sebastian....cic (completed in Christ)


I would love to follow along with you on your bringing to birth the fruit from your pilgrimage to Israel. I made my first trip to Israel in April of this year & came back with a heavy heart & a new direction and understanding about praying for the peace of Jerusalem. There was no peace there in the environment or the Jewish people I saw.



We are so thankful that our prayers have been answered and you and Rebekah are both home safe. We read your thumbnail account and would love to read your final version. It truly was an experience of a lifetime.

Take all of the time you need to write your manuscript. It will be all the more precious that way.

Our love to you both,
Charlie and Colene Butler

Thank You! I sure enjoyed being in your and Rebekah’s company. So sweet to worship with you. I definitely want a copy of your manuscript! Will be keeping you in prayer.

Sharri Lou and Jim

Dear Peter and Rebekah,

Thanks so much for sending the news that you are back and have lots to “unload”! I would definitely like to have a copy of the “full report”! I don’t have a laptop to offer, but be sure to let me know if you would like some editing help, OK?

Praying for a most fruitful hiding period. . .!

Love & blessings,

P.S. I will forward your e-mail to Wanda. I think she would love to be brought up to date too!

Dearest Peter and Rebekah,

I just knew we were going to get a bundle of wonderful words….from this trip to Israel…..and am so excited to hear about it. We will hold you both up in prayer as the Holy Spirit downloads into your spirit all He wants revealed in your manuscript……I am confident it will be accomplished….as you are such an awesome warrior and servant.

We love you both and keep you in our hearts and prayers always,

Susan Renee Shields

Dear Uncle Peter and Aunt Nancy,

We are so glad that you both are back, safe and sound! What an adventure to go to California and all the way to Israel! And we would love to hear about your trip(s), your insights and thoughts. You both are dear to us. May your time of reflecting and sharing be covered and protected.

So, enjoy your time of recounting and refreshing together. Yes, we would like to read anything that you would like to share.

God Bless,
P.S. I read (in a child’s magazine!) about “Ma Shalom” being a response that means, “How is your peace?” Did you hear that greeting while in Israel?

Dear Peter and Rebekah,

How good to hear of your safe return. I’ll look forward to the birthing onto the written page all that God has deposited in you in Israel. My prayer is that the Holy Spirit will cocoon you and Rebekah in His grace and peace during the process.


Peter and Rebekah,

Welcome back! I would love to have a copy of the manuscript of your soul journey to Israel when it is complete. I will print this letter off and place it in my prayer journal so I will remember to pray for you as you unload your cargo of treasures!

Peace and grace in our Lord Jesus Christ,
Donna Prouty

My dear Peter and Rebekah,

At this time, all I can say is WOW! WOW! I am overtaken by your heart for Jesus, the King of kings and Lord of lords. WOW! We love you and are lifting you up unto our Lord and Savior at all times. WOW!

We love you two,
Stan and Linda

Dear Peter,

Thank you very much for your e-mail and the good news of your safe return. You write with much feeling and emotion. Freddie and I would appreciate your final account. I didn’t realize the contempt the word Jesus still has for Jews. I understand that much suffering has been dealt to Jews in the name of “Christians”. We all desperately need reconciliation. But God has his own agenda and timing.

Praise the Lord,


I’m so thankful to hear from you and that you are safe at home. Our prayers are now directed to your heart and to your thoughts and your healing. We most certainly would like to have a copy of your writings.

God speed be with you and his love eternally cover you.
Charlene and Mike

My Dearest Friends Peter and Rebekah,

How joyfully I read of your return! You have been in my prayers often during this period of restoration -- yes, I intended that word. Sometimes, restoration has nothing to do with rest. It is never easy for broken pieces to be made again into a whole, especially when the clay has hardened with years and with experience, whether good or bad. I see your experience as analogous to the new wineskin inside the old: as the new wine pours in, the old wineskin must burst and be shed, but the next layer is that of new wineskin, strong, and new, and pliable. I feel in my heart the weight that you carry; I understand the struggle to remain an open vessel, knowing that new birth is always painful.

Peter, I believe that the realization of your dream of the Upper Room is as much for this very purpose as it has been for the purpose of providing refuge to the many wounded who have flocked there -- perhaps even more so.

As you enter this time of sabbatical, please know that you and your sweet wife are constantly in my prayers. The powers of darkness must be shaking in their worn out old boots to hear your proclamation of faith over Jerusalem that the Lord God loves to answer your prayers!! That just knocks my socks off, especially since the fruit of those prayers is so very evident in my own life.

I have no laptop to offer you, but I can offer my editing skills if you find that you need them. Know that I will drop whatever I’m doing, and work -- EXCITEDLY and PRAYERFULLY -- over your words so that you may spend your time moving forward with the Lord’s revelations.

I love you, love you, love you!

Peter & Rebekah,

It is so good to know you are back. Am looking forward to you fleshing out what all God did to, through, and for both of you during this time. Laura and I have talked a lot about you both lately, and I think you should know, Peter, that your book has always been special to her. She is doing well, really trusting her healing to the Lord, and your walks around the lake repeating Jesus, Jesus, Jesus are still bearing fruit in her struggles. You both would really enjoy her, I know.

I had seriously considered asking if Laura and I could visit during the holidays, but sadly, don’t think that will be possible now -- cost of gas, and I just took a part time clerical job in Searcy with the White County Domestic Violence agency. Honestly didn’t want the job, but the way it happened, I left it open to the Lord. I did everything sort of “Ho Hum” during the job interview, wrote a hasty and incomplete resume, didn’t give references, and still got hired. He seems determined I should do it. Soooo, I am being obedient, and really feeling better about it daily. Do need the money, but confess I somewhat dread being back in such a painful environment.

Will be thinking about you, and praying as you regroup from your trips. Peter, I do have an old Compaq laptop with Windows 98 that I would be glad to give you, but imagine you will get a better offer. If not, let me know.

Love to you both,

Yes, Peter, a trip to Israel changes you. I’ve been there twice on two very different trips and saw things both times that were dear to my heart and also things that tore me apart emotionally. I could identify with your brief letter and know personally what it was like to be there. Jerusalem was troubling to me both times I visited there, yet I loved it and tried to understand it, (an impossible task). The Jews are so lost without Jesus and adamantly negative about him when you talk to them. I support a ministry called Emmaus Way in the Judean Foothills that reaches Jews for Jesus and has quite a Messianic Jewish following. I think I sent you their website.

Take care, my friends, and write your story. I will be praying for you as you recover from your trip, Peter. Enjoy your sanctuary in the Upper Room and in your home in the mountains of Colorado. You need the peace and quiet to touch the Holy Spirit to gain an understanding of what you experienced in Israel. I want to read your publication when it is completed.


Hi Folks,

We welcome you back home and are praising the Lord for your trip and your safe return. That doesn’t mean we will stop praying for you, it will only change the specifics of our prayers. I can hardly wait for the COMPLETE story of your trip.

We were invited to go to Israel next month with Elias Malke. Unfortunately, we couldn’t manufacture enough money to pay for the trip, but we would have loved going.

Once again, Praise God for His faithfulness to you (and to all of us).
Tom & Sylvia

Hi Grandpop and Grandmom,

I am so glad that you are home safe and sound. I know that I want a copy of the manuscript when it is done and I am sure that Jeanna will want one.

Please let us know how the signs did and what kind of response there was. Let me know when you are up to talking on the phone. Take as long as you need. I know how hard it is. I have been going through a “low” the past 3 or 4 months, so I don’t want to dump a bunch of junk of mine on you while you are getting back as close to normal as possible.

Jeanna and I are still not the same from the time we went to Africa; so I will try to keep you two in prayer, but I can’t say that I will be able to do that every day.

Your Grandson in Christ, Sir Michael


I hear your heart...sounds heavy, like it needs to be unladened! Please add me to the list of those who want to hear your report! Israel has a big hold on my heart. . .and someday I want to spend some time there! Don’t know when, but I am anxious to read your manuscript, and will surely lift you in prayer. . . maybe an e-mail occasionally with an update and reminder to pray would be helpful!

God bless you as you write!

Dear Peter,

I’m so glad you are home safe and sound. The trip was no doubt bittersweet. The Jews, as a whole, have much animosity towards those that have accepted Jesus as the true Messiah and have the nerve to testify- especially to another Jew! Consider it a blessing that they only fouled up your drinking water.

How sad that they are still waiting for their savior to arrive. It is fortunate that you have come back before the Palestinian terrorists transfer their wrath from Gaza to the West Bank. Expect increased violence in Jerusalem from Muslims who label the Jewish presence there “Zionist occupation”. Even though the Israelis may start pulling out of the West Bank and dismantling settlements, they will never depart Jerusalem.

Colleen is fine and business is doing well.

Give our love to Rebekah.
John Allen


Glad that you made it home safe and sound. You will be in our prayers as you give voice to your journey. We love you!

Marleen and Mack

I hope I’m already on the list for the manuscript. Safe and sound back in Pagosa! Thanks be to God!


Thank you for including me in your follow up report. When my wife and I returned from our first trip to Jerusalem and the region, we too were profoundly changed. How could one not be changed? May the Lord give full revelation as you write your manuscript. May you two enjoy the needed rest you deserve. Remember: it’s not essential that we know everything, but it is essential that we trust God in everything.

In His grip, Jack

Peter and Rebekah,

Welcome Back! I can’t imagine the difficult assignment you have been on. It saddens me too to think that in 2000 years not much has changed with God’s chosen people in Israel. God will bless you much for being willing to suffer for His sake. I bear witness for your need for a Sabbatical.

I know that God will heal, refresh and renew you greatly. Will keep you in prayer as He keeps you on my heart.

Love in Him

My most precious Beloved Ones,

I just read Peter’s letter concerning his trip to Israel and I began sobbing uncontrollably! It was as if a million thorns were piercing my heart and a dagger piercing my side! I felt all the Lord’s agony over Israel and over all the lost as His great love is blatantly rejected, as hatred is spewed at Him, even now as it was when He walked the earth. (I am still crying.)

We as His Body have been hypnotized by the cobra of things—pleasure, ease and apathy. We are deaf to God’s heartbeat as we listen to the tantalizing song of the world. We are blind to the things of God and gorge on the “more-and-more. We exchange the nails that crucified Him for the “bless-me” thumbtacks.

We have idolatrous hearts instead of clean hands and pure hearts, as our hands grasp for more of self. Our closets and drawers are stuffed with unnecessary objects as well as the closets of our souls.

I am appalled as I take a look into myself with my Lord’s eyes and I am bent with pain and conviction and repentance. My heart breaks. Thank you for your letter and your open heart. I will be with you in spirit and prayer as He hides you!

With my Lord’s gentle love,
Lady Mary Viola

Dear Peter,

I read your letter the day it came and I keep waiting till I have time to respond more fully, but the time never comes. I’m taking a very difficult research class at this time and am having to make the most of every minute.

I am very interested in your experience in Israel and inspired by your insight into how only Jesus as God and man could have endured what He did and acted with so much authority and love. I am very grateful to God that you are home safe; and I pray you will have a quiet and restful recuperation. I am eager to read the account of your journey, as I know it will be rich and challenge the dead weight I carry around on my own journey.

May God bless you and Rebekah as you write and recover.
Dan C.

Dear Ones,

Be blessed! May Almighty God grant you the 100-fold blessing in Jesus’ Holy Name! Holy, Holy Name!

This AM I picked up your letter to reread and pray. These are the words which came to me:

You have come full circle and it will all be finished when you reign with Jesus in the Holy City one of these days.

There was a spiritual surgery, which went deep into both of your beings and hearts. It may take a lifetime to assimilate, but you will be OK and “it” is OK.

Rebekah wasn’t physically there (Jerusalem), but was spiritually there. Stay in worship—it is the balm and salve which heals. Even though you are very fragile deep within, you are stronger. Roots and traditions die hard. As you write, the chains will fall.

Have no self-pity – Almighty God is pleased – So pleased!

“You’ve had quite a test,
But now comes a rest
So you can accomplish my best.
Do it with heart and zest!
I will give my words to you.

Write and speak them anew –
There are many people who don’t know Me –
Give them my Word –
So they can see –
The hope and trust that abounds in thee –

Pick up the sword –
Use my Word –
The devils have to flee –
They can’t stay because of Me .

Tell them I died upon the tree –
And rose again for all your good –
Just as the Father planned I should.
Savor my rest – savor my joy –
Let it dwell deep in thee –
It’s part of why I died on that tree.

Worship – Praise
Bask in Me –
It will be the healing for thee!”

I saw on John Hagee this A.M. – there are Jews who know Jesus, just a few. On the show was an orphanage called Migdal. A rabbi, Ben Sion Sobel is the head teacher. Rabbi Grossman founded it. You can learn more at www.JHM.ORG

We consider John Hagee a prophet. He has such Holy Boldness.

You are the sanest person I know. I would have been crazy if you hadn’t helped me. Normal for you -- and normal for me -- Supernatural strength!

We are praying!
Love, Barbara

Dear Peter and Rebekah,

Thank you for the letter you sent, my heart goes out to you for the persecution you received. I just read it this morning and afterwards I got into the Word and I’ve been reading the book of Matthew. Today I continued in chapter 10 and I wanted to remind you of some verses. Matt.10:14-15 “And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet.”

15. “Verily I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah in the day of judgment than for that city, (or house.)”
I know Jerusalem is the chosen city and it is holy, but I also think this applies to people in general as well. It also came to my heart in Matt.5:10-12 “Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”
11.”Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.”

12.”Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.”

Peter, I rejoice with you for your many great rewards in heaven. I understand it is difficult to see people deceived by the enemy, especially the chosen people, but you acted in obedience to Jesus’ commandment to preach the gospel and you encouraged me greatly. You are such an awesome example of a disciple and I will always have you in mind when I am persecuted;

I guess it’s because you are Christ-like.

It was good to hear from you and I pray even now for God to bless you beyond what you even ask or think in every area of your lives.

Your friend,
Dustin, Gideon #81

Good morning Peter,

I have been following your story to Israel and back and praying all the way for all you would hope to find spiritually, physically and mentally that God would show you tremendous life changing things to share.

The few weeks you spent in the Upper Room tells me there was much to absorb. I hope you are enriched. Your manuscript will be worthy to read and I hope that we could be on your list to obtain a copy.

Your first brief letter, before you retired to the Upper Room, inspired a song in me to share someday with you. I’m hoping to incorporate your story into it. It is entitled ‘Jerusalem’ and has a wonderful Celtic Folk feel to it so far.

Anyway, we are all glad you made your pilgrimage to the Promised Land, a trip we all should hope to make some day before our Lord comes again. Thank you for all your blessings!

I will be sending you more lions very soon (Lion of Judah medallions – see page IX); so don’t be surprised if you hear ‘roaring’ at your front door!

Love from all of us here in the Northwest,
Guy & Barbara Brooke

Dear Peter,

I have been anticipating your thoughts since your trip and so appreciate your sending this to me. I opened it up as soon as you sent them, but quickly felt I needed to wait until I could quiet myself and absorb your words. Now was the time. What a journey for you into the suffering heart of Jesus, Peter. I wonder if you could have known this thorn He bears any other way than by being a son of Israel and having your heart so given over to Him? I see your heart beating in tandem with pain but also in intercession.

Would you please add me to the list of those receiving the story of your trip? As I may have mentioned before, I saw you coming back with a large backpack of deposits from Jesus. I don’t know what those are but believe you will. They are very dense and heavy...concentrated as in a lot packed into a small space (?). (One of my frustrations is in trying to verbalize a picture; I so must depend on the Holy Spirit to translate for me as I do a very poor job of it!) I see you straining to get them out of the backpack, but then it and the deposits are laid at your feet and you stand straight and strong. You are wearing a white shirt rolled up at the sleeves and your hands are on your hips. You are tired, but smiling with satisfaction of a job well done.

It’s always helpful to know if what I see makes sense to the person or not. Your feedback is always welcomed, Peter. You have mentored me in so many ways...with gentleness and just know anything you sense, encouragement or correction, will bless me.

Love and peace to you both,

Dear Peter and Rebekah,

It’s been a month since we received your letter. How much I felt the tenderness of your report. I honestly endorse your time of withdrawal to the Upper Room that you may find rest and renewal, courage and commitment to bring forth your message to us.

I thought back to our Durango days and your visit to the “The Third Pig.” You both were so gentle – almost fragile. Then now, this many years later, you have gained even more sensitivity, but now have the boldness of God as you and He go forth with His message. I bless you in this endeavor.

I love you.

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Making signs and teaching the craft to others has been our focus for many years.
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All writings by Peter, the Lord's Scribe and Storyteller and all paintings by Rebekah, the Lord's artist are copyright free.